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mahmoud's complaint against Eurolines

mahmoud sharif


not happy with the services, my baggage has been stolen on the bus. I ask the driver and he see yes.

Complaint against Eurolines

On the Sunday (08/11/2015), at 07:25 AM, walking to check-in and after that i check-in meed my way to the bus hoe had 30min before he took off. i went now to the bus en but my suitcase onder the bus, and after that meed my way to the interns of the bus where the driver took me ticket and i get in the bus en start to look for a seat. after i find a site a but me two laptop bag and me Adidas bag on the seat. and after i had me seat and had time before the bus leaves. I jump out the bus en went to the driver and ask hem if is possible to go and buy cigarette and coffee before we take off. The driver seed yes u can. i expect as all ways that the driver close the doors after he jump from the bus. like other driver that i know from all time i been traveling with your company. but no he left it open en he went to the other side to loud other people suitcase with out closing the door like all ways what the other drivers do. and after coming back not even 5min a jump on the bus and went to my seat and find that my staff been tacking inside the bus. I jump out the bus and went to the driver and ask hem if he tuck my bags he see no. next to the driver was i dark skin guy ho spook to me and telling me that there was two guys ho where acting species and they tuck off to the station where i was making my way back to the eurolines. I went inside the euroline and ask the guy hoe is working behind the disc to call the police, wile i went after them with the hoop that i find my staff because my life is in that bags. the politic came to the station and ask me if i want to rapport it and if i can go with them to the politic station and i see yes. I had to change the ticket now and leave at night. with no money no in my pocket because it was in me bag between my book and no one there hoe can help me. Imagine that i did not eat en sleep for three days, and no one could help me in Amsterdam standing on the street with no water no food till me bus leaves at 21:30. till i get to London and no one could even ask if i want cup of coffee or do you want something to eat?! NO, that how u guys treats your loyal costumer. by this i like to inform you that i never going to yous your services again and and your drivers are not to trust because i have as well evidence where your drivers smuggling stuff (from Belgium to Holland) or ( from Belgium to UK).by this if there is no action eurolines going to take then i'm going to court and the news paper with the evidence.

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