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Colin's complaint against Village Car Sales

Colin Armstrong


I bought a car "not fit for purpose" from Village Car Sales

Complaint against Village Car Sales

I bought a Mercedes car from Village Car Sales, The car had a computer problem, took the car two garages to repair, could not repair, took car to an Auto electrical garage. was told car dangers to drive consult a Mercedes Retailer, consulted Mercedes they told me not to drive the car not even to get home as it was unsafe. tell the garage where you bought the car the car is "not fit for purpose and get your money back.

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Colin Armstrong | | VERIFIED

The car had other faults not told about. I bought the car on the honesty of the Dealer, and travelled 125 miles by train to collect, email several questions about the car, answers very debatable. more comments later about all the costs.

Colin Armstrong | | VERIFIED

Bought a car, the dealer could not give it enough praise. it had a computer warning which the dealer said "was no problem" drove it home OK next day took car to my local garage and found it was a big problem.
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