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Fray Bentos pies: Harder to crack than the Da Vinci code, and where's the meat?!

Patrick Christys
Mar 25, 2019

Fray Bentos pies continue to leave customers unfulfilled.

You've heard about the fact there appears to be less meat in a Fray Bentos pie than you'd expect to find in a vegan sandwich, but now some customers say they can't even open the gravy boats of disappointment.

There's nothing worse than building yourself up all day for a steaming hot meat pie, only to find out that the thing looks like hot dog food.

Actually, there is something worse - not being able to get into it at all.

A Spokesman Said customers have been in touch to voice their complaints at the pie company, claiming it would be easier to crack the Da Vinci code than open one of the Fray Bentos tins.

Caroline told us: "I had problems opening the Fray Bentos pies. I have tried different openers but to no avail it's not very safe either as it doesn't open very easy and can easily cause an accident.

"I would really appreciate if you could maybe reconsider an easier way to open?

"I had to end up throwing the full thing out as there were small slithers of metal on the side from trying to open it hope you can get back to me on this - I am not a happy customer."

Another disgruntled pie eater told A Spokesman Said: "Not happy with this product as the tins are too deep that no can opener will open them. I have tried four different ones! Very unhappy customer!"

Ann got in touch. She's livid.

She said: "After years of buying your products with no problems I've decided enough is enough and I'm COMPLAINING! The key that goes into the metal strip has broken...this isn't the first time..it's frustrating as using a tin opener is very difficult."

But it's not just how hard it is to open the pies, no, it's what the customer finds inside that really leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

A Spokesman Said has battled on behalf of pie lovers everywhere before. We slammed Fray Bentos for reducing the meat content in their pies. 

We even got out partners at Love Sport Radio to do a feature on it, including this song:

Just look at this from Irene - the absolute state of her family's pies...

Irene said: "I bought four Fray Bentos pies for my family I know one does per adult and there are four adults in my family, I was shocked after wasting electricity to cook them that when they were served the only thing we found under loads of puff pastry was gravy, a tiny bit of meat - not even a teaspoon full.

"I was so shocked I chucked them all in the bin and sent for takeaways that were much tastier and filling.

"If I wanted to serve the family SOUP I would have given them soup because that what the pies were...just gravy.

"I am so angry and will NOT buy them again, DISGUSTING is all I can say,you are false advertising by showing on the lid big chunks of meat. I can bet you will get plenty more complaints."

This is beyond a joke now. What's going on Fray Bentos?

A Spokesman Said has contacted Fray Bentos for comment and is awaiting reply.

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