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A Spokesman Said Awards 2017

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Jan 17, 2017

Hot on the heels of the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, this is the awards ceremony people really care about.

Just like last year, the A Spokesman Said gongs go to companies that treat and charge customers fairly, that holds its hands up when things go wrong and does its best to put things right.

The prizes are based on a dollop of genuine feedback from customers, how the company responded to and resolved its complaints on our platform – and the star rating it earned for doing so – and the gut feeling of our judging panel.

We have also taken into account the company’s wider track record.

This year’s winners all showed willing to engage directly with customers’ concerns on A Spokesman Said.

Simply put, complain about one of our banner firms on our site and you can expect to get a response.
Other companies take note; all we can do is doff our cap and say keep up the good work.

So, without even mentioning the incoming President, let’s take a look at the companies that really impressed us last year.



Innovative little challenger company Bristol Energy has added thousands of customers on to its affordable and socially conscious books this year. But it’s also maintained a 5* rating on A Spokesman Said.

Special mention to Octopus Energy and last year’s winners First Utility, both of whom maintained 5* scores and continued to offer cut-price tariffs.

Visit Bristol Energy's page >



Pat on the back for Morrisons for a 5* performance in 2016. The supermarket giant answered each customer complaint with care and in a pretty timely manner indeed.

Visit Morrisons' page >



For the second year in a row, Sky scoop the top prize in telecoms. The company fought off close competition from TalkTalk and newly-registered Vodafone.

Visit Sky's page >



It was royal service as usual in 2016 for our 5* delivery firm, rising head and shoulders above oft-troubled rivals such as Yodel and DPD.

Visit Royal Mail's page >

If you don’t see your business on this list, it may well be because you’re not taking care of your customers on A Spokesman Said.

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