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The cost of loneliness - why you're PAYING the price for being single

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Sep 4, 2018

Being single is costing you up to £2,000 per year on bills!

Singeltons are being PENALISED to the tune of up to £2000 per year, according to new research from the Good Housekeeping Institute.

People who live alone pay more than lovebirds for almost EVERYTHING: from gym memberships to holidays, car insurance or even National Trust membership.

This is because companies often offer discounts for couples or multi-person memberships.

You’re even taxed at DEATH: the price of getting a joint will drawn up works out as being significantly cheaper per head than arranging one alone.

If you’re worried you could be falling prey to the so-called “singles tax”, then fear not. You can still take advantage of a lot of these discounts by chipping in with friends, family or housemates.

Here at A Spokesman Said, we can always help you look to save money — but unfortunately, we can’t help you find love.


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