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UNFULFILLED: Fray Bentos customers angry at lack of meat

Patrick Christys
Feb 11, 2019

Loyal Fray Bentos customers have been left dis-crusted by the lack of meat in the company's pies, saying they're deeply unfulfilled.

A Spokesman Said has received 91 complaints about the quality of the pies, their apparent lack of meaty goodness and even how hard they are to crack open.

Some customers have said they'd got themselves all fired up for a nice, warm Fray Bentos pie, only to be confronted by the crushing reality of a gooey, gravy-filled pastry that left nothing but the bitter taste of disappointment in their mouths. 

And their concerns have been confirmed by a statement by Baxters, the company that owns Fray Bentos, which said they had in fact reduced the meat content in 2017.

A Spokesman Said asked whether or not the almost excessive amount of gravy in their pies was some kind of promotion for North of England, but apparently it is not.

Jane Wells told A Spokesman Said: "Have just given my husband one of Fray Bentos steak and kidney pies, when I lifted the pastry top off the pie there was NO meat at all just gravy.....this is disgusting.....definitely won't be buying again."

Anna Korbhil said: "Your pies are horrible, there's hardly any meat in them and I won't be buying them."

A particularly heart-breaking complaint came from Ken Said, who cooked a pie in a bid to relive his childhood, where Fray Bentos pies were clearly a major event.

Ken said: "Come on Fray Bentos. As a kid loved your stake n kidney pies. So as a mature adult thought I'd try them again. I was salivating at the thought of tucking in.

"Was I in for a shock?! Very little steak n kidney in it not like when i was a boy at all. Come on bring fray bentos back to the front of the British evening dinner by putting more meat into it."

It's clear Fray Bentos customers have been left with a bad taste in their mouths over this. 

A Spokesman Said contacted Fray Bentos' parent company, Baxters, who said: "Fray Bentos takes pride in providing affordable meals for millions of customers every year.

“Inflationary pressures for the ingredients we use made it essential to review the product formulations in 2017. Customer feedback has always been that maintaining a competitive price point has been important to them. As a result, the meat percentages were reduced in line with competitor products at that time.

"We believe our pies still deliver value for money, with the same great taste that has made them a family favourite for over 60 years."

So there we have it - the people complained and we chased it up on their behalf only to discover the shocking revelation that Fray Bentos has now gone basically vegan thanks to the distinct lack of meat in their pies! 
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