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BRING BACK THE MEAT: Love Sport Radio hosts tear into Fray Bentos

Patrick Christys
Feb 13, 2019

It's been confirmed. There's a reason why so many Fray Bentos customers have been left with the bitter taste of disappointment in their mouths...there's now less meat in the pies.

A grand total of 91 Fray Bentos customers contacted A Spokesman Said to say they were left unfulfilled when chowing down on one of the world famous pies.

Instead of the satisfying sensation of meat on tongue, they were left with a pastry filled with gravy and disappointment.

And now Love Sport Radio Presenters Bell and Spurling have thrown their weight behind the campaign to BRING BACK THE MEAT by channeling their frustrations into a song.

Listen to the song here.


After an investigation by A Spokesman Said, Baxters, the company that owns Fray Bentos, confirmed that the meat content of their pies had dropped since 2017.

A statement reads: "Fray Bentos takes pride in providing affordable meals for millions of customers every year.

"Inflationary pressures for the ingredients we use made it essential to review the product formulations in 2017. Customer feedback has always been that maintaining a competitive price point has been important to them.

"As a result, the meat percentages were reduced in line with competitor products at that time.

"We believe our pies still deliver value for money, with the same great taste that has made them a family favourite for over 60 years."

So, there we have it. But by how much exactly have the company reduced the pies' meat content by?

This has proved trickier to find out.

Their press team told A Spokesman Said: "The changes to meat content varied across the range but the focus was on maintaining taste and value for money."

So, not exactly a straight answer there, then. A Spokesman Said is now fighting to find out the precise meat reduction. 

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