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Currys PC World: A Windows of hope for disgruntled customers

Patrick Christys
Feb 15, 2019

Thousands of you have been in touch to complain about Currys PC World, but fear not, here at A Spokesman Said we can give you a Windows of hope when it comes to getting your money back.

More than 2,600 people reached out to us about Currys PC World, with the overwhelming majority saying they've been monitoring their accounts and found some 'hidden' charges.


The issue centres around mysterious ‘product support’ charges, which range from £5.99 to £11 per month.

Always do your due diligence when it comes to Currys PC World, and if you're disappointed, contact A Spokesman Said and we'll do our best to (screen)save you money.

In the long run, this could end up costing customers thousands. But we've been plugging away to handle your complaints, and here are a few of them.

Nathan got in touch to say: "I have noticed recently that product support AG has been taking £6.50 out of my account every month.

"I had no clue as it was a small amount and did not realise this had actually been going on since July 2014. Is there any way to claim back for all of this as I 100% am sure I did not agree to this as I don't taken out insurance on any items I purchase."  

And Rob reached out just a few days ago to tell us: "Hi, I have been charged £6 50 for Product Support AG for God knows how long.
"And am 100% certain that I have never agreed to this."
Curry's PC World haven't been as quiet as a 'mouse' on this...they issued a statement several months ago explaining how you could get in touch and get a refund.
They said: "Our Care Plan service is offered at the point of sale to protect products should they break down, in which case we will fix it or offer a replacement.
"The service can be bought and cancelled at any time and does not affect consumer statutory rights.  
“We are of course disappointed by these customer complaints and are taking them seriously.
“Our colleagues are trained to provide accurate and useful information about Care Plan.
“The majority of our customers tell us they value both the benefits of Care Plan and the ability to have a conversation about it with our colleagues to make an informed decision.  
“We would ask any concerned customers to contact Customer Services on 0344 561 1234.”

But that was months ago, and customers are still writing in to complain. Why haven't Currys PC World sorted this out yet?
If it's happening to you, message A Spokesman Said and we'll give Currys PC World a big RAM up the backside for you - but make sure your complaints have some real byte to them.


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