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Cigarette smokers fuming with rage

Patrick Christys
Feb 25, 2019

Smoking's bad for you. We all know that. But for many people, taking a drag on a tobacco filled death stick is the only joy they get in this unremitting tale of woe that we call modern life. 

But some tobacco companies could be making it an even more dangerous pass-time, with some smokers claiming to have found shards of metal and even an old, manky 50p coin in their tobacco.

Hundreds and hundreds of you have been in touch to complain about finding some weird and not so wonderful items in your cigarettes.

Just take Lacy, who found metal in her fag.

She said: "I found metal in my cigarette which can be very harmful to the body. I bought the cigarette to smoke, not metal. Coming upon this as really upset me."

Lacy's not the only one - just check out Elyse's complaint. She claims to have found a shard of plastic in her tab.

Elyse said: "I opened a packet of rothmans cigarettes and went to smoke one I realised there was a hole in it and pulled out a large sharp piece of plastic that was in the middle of it."

One of the main issues with smoking is that it costs so much money - but in Imogen's case, she at least earned some of it back...albeit unwillingly.

Imogen said: "Went to go and roll a cigarette from my Gold Leaf 30g this evening. I then proceeded to feel something hard and though it was a clump but I couldn’t break it! Turned out to be a 50 pence piece that had turned green! Had to throw away the packet after that! Been smoking gold leaf for a couple of years now and love it! However I’ve been put off after finding a green coin in it!"

For smokers, as the end of a long day approaches there's nothing more stress-relieving than inhaling a smoky drag.

So can you imagine the unbridled rage one would suffer if, after a day of the boss really grinding your gears, you spark up, only to discover the cigarette is just a disintegrated, rolled-up, cone of disappointment.

Mark told us: "I have smoked Sovereign Blue cigarette for 12 years I bought 40 tabs at a motorway garage but by time I opened them my filters were not attached to cigarette. This cost me 20 pounds I spend 70-per-week on cigarette anyway without getting faulty ones - most disappointed."

And Stacey added: "I bought 20 cigarettes today, when I opened the box, all of my cigarettes were bent, broken or damaged. I am upset and disappointed because I have smoked thins cigarettes for the past 10 years+.

"Think I am going to consider changing the brand of cigarettes I smoke in the future."

Or maybe don't smoke them at all, Stacey? Just a thought.

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