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Even if David Lammy isn't happy, starving Africans won't mind that it's all white on the night

Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie
Feb 28, 2019

Grandstanding Labour MP David Lammy has been doing what he does best - running his mouth off without making any real sense

The Tottenham MP whipped up a totally needless race storm by accusing Comic Relief, yes, Comic Relief, of reinforcing racial stereotypes of white people being airlifted in to help save the indigenous African population.

He took issue with the fact Stacey Dooley, who won the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, is in Uganda to raise millions of pounds for poverty-stricken children living in shocking, disease-ridden conditions.

Lammy said it promoted the 'white saviour' image and he whinged and moaned (two characteristics straight out of theLabour handbook) that there weren't more celebrities of colour being wheeled out by Comic Relief.

This isn't a race issue! Why on earth would a tinpot, nobody MP decide to whip up a big racial fuss about Comic Relief when it's raised more than £1bn for charity? Does he just want air time? 

Does it matter whether a white person, black person, brown person, whatever, goes abroad to help impoverished people? No. He's an idiot. And he's way off the mark.

Has anyone asked the parents of sick children in Malawi if they care whether Ed Sheeran or Lenny Henry turns up to help them? Do you think they'd care? No. Of course they wouldn't. They just want help.

This epitomises everything that's wrong with the left - they want us all to be 'one', to be 'inclusive', but then they see everything through a big, thick pair of racial glasses. It's hypocritical.

And imagine my shock when it turned out that David Lammy had snubbed the BBC when they asked him to take part in a Comic Relief documentary in Africa...

So he clearly cares so deeply about the plight of African children that he's not bothered to go over there to help.

I wonder how much this gobby buffoon has contributed out of his soon-to-be £79,000-a-year salary he personally donates to African children? 

Has he ever been to any of the nine poorest nations on earth - all African, by the way. They're Liberia, The Central African Republic, Burundi, Congo, Niger, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, in case you were wondering. 

Has David Lammy any contacts in Africa who would be willing to come to Britain with their massive cheque book and donate to the impoverished people of Rochdale, or Rotherham? 

I know a lot of A Spokesman Said readers give money to Comic Relief out of the goodness of their heart. I don't personally care which celebrity I see dishing out vaccinations to malaria-riddled children. Do you?


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