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Criminal MP could cost taxpayers £500,000 - how many police officers or nurses would that pay for?

Kelvin MacKenzie

Kelvin MacKenzie
Mar 20, 2019

I make no apologies for raising this again. Democracy is being slapped in the face by a criminal politician intent on rinsing the public coffers dry.

Just when you thought politicians couldn't sink any lower, up pops the Fiona 'I'm bloody innocent' Onasanya. 

Like most politicians, she's lying, because she's guilty as sin - and her lies could cost the taxpayer £500,000. Money that should be spent on policing, or the health service.

You may remember her from such things as being photographed next to Jeremy Corbyn, trying to drive through a Marxist agenda and, what else?....Oh yes, that time she rocked up to parliament and voted on a Brexit bill while wearing a police ankle tag.

This is the shameless, criminal cow that represents Peterborough. She used to be a Labour MP, now she's an independent.

Onasanya, who's about as bent as any of Milton Keynes' many roundabouts, lied to police about who was driving her car when it was caught speeding.

She appealed it, represented herself, and lost.

What's her profession outside politics? A solicitor. So that's the double whammy isn't it, really? 

A politician, who is also a solicitor, perverting the course of justice. Bingo. Full house. 

If you look out of your bedroom window now, in the distance you'll see a plume of smoke. That's Fiona Onasanya's career going up in flames.

Then she released this ridiculous video proclaiming her innocence without offering any evidence to suggest that she was, in fact, innocent. 

Like a high pressure double glazing salesman she just won't leave us alone! She's disgraced the nation by perverting the course of justice while a serving MP and a solicitor! Just shuffle off.

The video itself looks like the kind of thing you see shortly after a successful military coup in some backwater country that you couldn't point out on a map.

And she's gone for a New York-style skyline in the background - to be fair, if that's what Peterborough looks like now then she's done a wonderful job and should probably consider running as PM. 

Here's the video:

She's going on like she hasn't had the opportunity to defend herself. She has. In court. Whilst representing herself. And she was found guilty.

And now there's a petition to remove her from office and trigger a by-election.

But this could cost the taxpayer around £500,000. How many more police officers is that? How many nurses? Paramedics? Teachers?

For someone who classes themselves as a leftie she doesn't appear to mind depriving the nation of resources for valuable social services.

You know that question teachers ask children in schools - what would you like to be when you're older? 

"Well, I'd like to be a politician, miss. So I'm going to get a criminal conviction, lie to the court, and turn up to Parliament to thwart the will of the people, all the while claiming £75+k a year, rinsing my comprehensive expenses package dry and then charging the taxpayer £500,000 to remove me."

Onasanya is like the worst bits of every terrible politician rolled into one. 

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