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FOOD SHOCKERS: Unwanted hairs to mould in your meal, A Spokesman Said customers reveal all

Patrick Christys
Mar 26, 2019

We've all had those food-based horror stories. 

Whether it's getting food poisoning from eating an undercooked fish at a restaurant on a Moroccan beach or opening a packet of Walker's crisps and finding that there are hardly any crisps in there, it's happened to the best of us.

Here at A Spokesman Said we sift through your complaints and fight on your behalf, so we thought we'd highlight some of the disappointed culinary experiences our complainants have had.

Take the case of Sean Ellis, who was absolutely disgusted with his Heinz oxtail soup.

Sean told A Spokesman Said: "Opened up a 400g tin of classic oxtail soup that was always my favourite to find it was just like dirty water.

"There were no pieces of meat or anything else in it. I'm very disappointed, the quality control must be on holiday. Will be looking for another brand to pick in future."

And Heinz, while it hasn't quite had 57 varieties of complaint, has had a few others.

Deborah said: "I don't usually complain but I've just opened this tin of vegetable soup, dated use before 10 2019 and found mould on the top of the soup and lid.

"It was lucky it wasn't put straight into the meal I was preparing. I know it's unusual but I thought that stuff in cans should last for years."

But it isn't just Heinz customers who claim to have had a bad experience, Uncle Ben's has also copped it.

Steven told A Spokesman Said: "This is the second time that I have had mouldy rice from Uncle Ben's, this is absolutely disgusting and once I checked the date was 13th January 2020 - so it’s well within date.

"To find that other people are finding this same issue is appalling."

And Jackie claims to have had a nasty surprise when she opened her Muller Corner.

She said: "I've just opened a muller corner and there's a black hair in the fruit side I've took a picture. I’ve just opened a muller corner and there's a black hair in the fruit side 😞👎feel sick. Not good."

Haribo has also been accused of providing a customer with a Hairy moment...

Kel told us: "I was enjoying a bag or Haribo jelly beans when I came across one which had a hair imbedded into it. I was nearly sick.

"At first I just thought it was a black like so dogged into the sweet a little and nope was a huge hair imbedded in my sweet. Disgusting :("

If you've had any bad food experiences then get in touch with A Spokesman Said and leave us a review. 

A Spokesman Said has contacted Heinz, Haribo and Muller for comment.

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