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Winalot makes a real dog's dinner of their pet food

Patrick Christys
Apr 1, 2019

Winalot are making a real dog's dinner of their...erm...dogs' dinners.

Multiple A Spokesman Said complainants have been in touch to bark about the poor quality of food Winalot is serving their precious pooches. 

You know those pet food adverts that make the processed meat held together by congealed gravy look like a meal cooked by Jamie Oliver in his pomp? Yeh, well, Winalot is the opposite of that, apparently. 

According to our complainants, Winalot is basically the Fray Bentos of the dog food world.

Only somebody who has known the crushing disappointment of peeling back the pastry on a Fray Bentos Steak Pie will know how it feels to be more let down than a hot air balloon enthusiast who's run out of gas.

If you wanted to see a single piece of fatty meat floating in a vat of gravy, you'd go to a public swimming baths in the North of England - but instead Winalot is apparently asking you to serve this culinary monstrosity to your beloved pet dog.

Debra got in touch with us to say: "I have two dogs and they both have quite funny tummies I found that they wasn't to bad eating Winalot and they seem to enjoy it.

"Since before Christmas I've seen a decline in the amount of meat in the packets which has been annoying me ! But this morning took the biscuit when I opened a pouch and it had eight small cubes of so called meat and the rest was jelly.

"I've been getting through the pouches like no tomorrow and this seems to be happening more and more.

"I spend an extortionate amount of money on dog food (Winalot) and expect more meat in a pouch and not all jelly!! It was a beef pouch this morning and a chicken pouch the other morning - lamb always seem to have more meat.

"Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the same issue?"

Well, Debra, yes they have. Step forward Linda.

She said: "I recently purchased a 44 box of Winalot perfect portions from my local supermarket. On opening some of the sachets I have found them to be lacking in meat produce and only containing gravy.

"I have never had a problem before with any of your products ( I have two cats and also a rabbit as well as my King Charles puppy). I have retained the offending sachets and would be able to return these to your department if you so wish."

Vic reached out to us, claiming that the contents of Winalot's food pouches looked like the underside of a Glastonbury toilet.

He said: "I’m making a complaint about your Winalot dog food. I will never ever buy it ever again this is the third time my dog has been bad off your food and has resulted in a trip the vets tins always sticky or there always sloppy inside having to thrown it away I will be telling all my friends and family to not buy it."

But as if that wasn't bad enough, some people have also written to A Spokesman Said claiming they found mould in their dog's meal.

Pete kept is short and sweet: "I went to feed my dog today and upon opening found it to be mouldy."

Andrenna added: "I purchased 48 cans of Winalot and opened two cans to feed my dog, to my surprise they were both mouldy, I have no idea what to do with the remaining cans as i do not intend feeding them to my dog.

"As you can imagine it's not cheap to buy and i hope that you do respond to this complaint as this is not the first time i have had problems with your product. Unfortunately my dog does like your food so i would find it hard to change her to something else."

A Spokesman Said has contacted Winalot for comment. We'll see if they come back with their tail between their legs or maybe our complainants have been barking up the wrong tree.


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