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Reaction to Jeremy Kyle Show axing - 'My mornings are boring now'

Patrick Christys
May 17, 2019

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been cancelled after more than a decade gracing our screens. 

It was a one-stop-shop for viewers who wanted to make themselves feel better about their lives by looking at a bloke called Kai, who had three teeth, fail a lie detector test shortly before his partner leaves him.

The whole while, a skinny man with a mockney accent parades around the stage jumping up and down while shouting things like 'THE TEST SHOWS YOU LIED ON EVERY QUESTION!!!'

But loads of you got in touch with A Spokesman Said to express your views on the Jeremy Kyle Show...not all of them good.

However, given that ITV are planning to replace the ratings magnet with something like Dickinson's Real Deal, maybe Nathan has got a point.

Nathan wrote in to say: "I’m very not happy about it now my mornings are boring."

Thank you, Nathan.

One chap who claims to have been on the show (I think we can assume he probably has been on, because it's an odd thing to lie about!) says the aftercare he was given was poor.

Carl said: "I was promised help i cant walk far and the show said they would work with me before and after show no its a joke."

Lucy wrote in to say she felt Jeremy Kyle is a bully and she's glad the show has been axed.
She said: "I never watch Jeremy Kyle...tbh I think it’s horrendous.
"However as I was getting ready for work I had it on. He had a guy who is gay and his family for some or another reason...I found Jeremy to be a bully, mocking their accents, mocking the guy for saying he used to be with a girl...
"God forbid people change their gender l preferences...I did at 29 does he want to mock me for that too?
"It just upset me and made him out to be a bully. Not that I watch this normally but just a heads up I don’t get offended easily, I do get upset with people mocking others because they aren’t like themselves. It’s bullying."

The show is known for not holding back when it comes to graphic topics, but this all proved too much for Leanne, who wrote to A Spokesman Said to say: "I watched the Jeremy Kyle show this morning.

"I think it is too much for mornings. Children listen whilst playing. All he was talking about was sleaze.

"Most young families find this entertainment but please not so much sleaze. He encourages filth."

And Sarah probably summed up the views of many people nicely when she said: "I found it horrifying that a presenter in a position of power with the ability to appeal to a wider audience screams and shouts at vulnerable guests.

"Belittling and mocking them, his behaviour is then modelled by his guests, he has no listening skills what so ever and I am shocked that itv commissions a programme which allows an individual who is supposed to be supporting people to resolve their differences, to openly emotionally abuse his guests."

Well, Sarah, your wish has been granted. The Jeremy Kyle is no more.


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