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Stephany's complaint against Southern Housing Group

Stephany Cooke


Southern Housing Group has lost control

Complaint against Southern Housing Group

We have rented from Southern Housing for just over 3 years.From the start there has been nothing but trouble. My husband is severely disabled and twice had rude notes put on his car and twice had it "Keyed" because some person objected to him parking in a designated public disabled bay because it is an old car and "spoiled" the view from their window. We have also suffered from constant noise from our next door neighbour who seems to need to constant DIY 24/7 Recently we had a new disabled man move in across the way from us. He also suffered severe abuse with notes also stuck all over his vehicle windscreen telling him to move it out of sight. He lasted for 3 months and got stressed so much that he suffered a heart attack on Christmas day. Southern Housing have been informed of the problems many times but so far have done nothing.

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