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Jenna's complaint against RIGHTIO

Jenna Nicholson


A simple job messed up

Complaint against RIGHTIO

We hired a plumber through Rightio to install two new taps on our kitchen sink and our bathroom sink. I was originally really impressed with how fast they could send someone out. Nothing was wrong with the old taps, we just wanted to update them. There were absolutely NO problems with either of the sinks. The "engineer" who came for the job was incredibly rude to begin with. He commented right at the beginning how straight-forward and easy the job was (as if we should've been doing it ourselves)... only to take an hour per tap installation! He spent the first few minutes on the phone, which I'm sure he didn't deduct from time spent, costing us over £200 in the end. We then went abroad soon after this and when we came back, we noticed the leak under our kitchen sink soaking into the wooden cabinet. The same engineer came by to take a look and commented that he did move some piping while installing the taps, which could've caused the leak. He said he had tightened the fixture which was leaking and then he left. A few hours later, the leak was still there. When I called Rightio the next day, I was told "the part on order hadn't arrived" - but this was the first I was aware of needing any part?! The next day Rightio then informed me that it wasn't a leak caused by the engineer and was a totally separate issue (just a total coincidence that a leak started under the tap which this engineer installed, and installed badly the first time as we had to ask him to adjust it to stop wobbling after he installed it, by the way); so Rightio said we'd have to pay in full for a repair on the leak. I have now gone with a cheaper, friendly, local plumber who has commented on what a lousy job the original Rightio engineer did to begin with. Absolutely disgusting service - you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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