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Jacky's complaint against RIGHTIO

Jacky Snaphappy


Avoid at all costs

Complaint against RIGHTIO

Avoid at all costs. They are robbing, thieving cowboys. I just came out of hospital and was feeling very poorly and was having problems with a leak in my toilet. The plumber came out and charged me £140 to replace a little plastic washer and then had the audacity to switch my water supply off to my shower. When I phoned to complain about my shower not working as there was no water supply the plumber said he would charge me again to have a look when he knows fine well he switched my water supply off. He obviously thought I was a stupid blonde female who knows nothing but I managed to turn my water supply back on myself . To think I was considering taking out a monthly contract with these cowboys. Rightio I'm outa here. Please please do not use this company they are sharks. I speak the truth 🦈🦈🦈🦈

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Susan Bowie | | VERIFIED

We must adhere to the equalities commission and respect the rights for women to have equal rights, thus Cowboys is wrong and COW-PERSONS is the correct description that you should use from now on.
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