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Yan's complaint against RIGHTIO

Yan Guan


Engineer gave incorrect advise charged 142 pounds for doing nothing

Complaint against RIGHTIO

On Monday, I have this company a call explain we have no hot water in the flat, and the whole flat is supply by electricity, the call operator says they will arrange someone to visit me in the next few hours, and they will try to fix my problems as soon as possisble which sounds good. And they ask me a bank details, which I really don’t want to give my bank detail to anyone, they said to me, they won’t charge me anything until they has been complete the job and fix the problems. On Monday afternoon, the engineer finally came, he has been late on hour. But I am still happy he can came, i explained the problems I have in this Flat, and indicate the fuse box keep tripping, he took around 45mins to check, and told me he would have to replace the thermostat on My brand new cylinder, he said he will need to order the parts and probably come back on Thursday to complete the job, I told he to call me and let me know the price before he ordering. then he ask me to sign on his tablet to confirm he has been here. After he leaving, I gave a call to the plumber who installed my brand new cylinder, he is a reliable person very honest, on the phone, he told me i must been lied by the engineer who came this afternoon, so the plumber came on Tuesday, and have a look, he took 5 mins to fix my problems, he found out the problems very quick, and he told me there are two Emerson thermostat on my cylinder, once both two been switch off, it will cause the fuse box keep tripping, but we just need to turn one off, leave one on, soon we have hot water, and the fuse box is not tripping anymore, so I believed I am been lied by the engineer. I gave a call to rightio immediately on Tuesday, explained all the things, and tell them I am really not happy your job, you can’t charges money from My bank, they promise on the phone, they wouldn’t charged me, but they lied, actually they have took 142 pounds from my bank, and I called back, they said, they will charge as labor fee, I explained that the engineer didn’t do anything thing to fix my problems, and he gave the incorrect advise, why I should pay 142 pounds for checking the problems, which he didn’t check out the problems! They ask me to wait until the customers contact me in next few days, but they didn’t, I didn’t received any call from them since Tuesday. Never use this company again, can’t believe it has lots good reviews.

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