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Complaint against RIGHTIO

The initial booking experience was very easy, and was confirmed promptly. Two operatives arrived to service the boiler. One was on the telephone throughout, having a loud conversation. The two started arguing between themselves about our boiler, with comments such as “the pilot light’s gone out”, and “well I’ve never seen it before”. Eventually they said “Do you want the good news or the bad news? Well, there is only bad news – the boiler isn’t working now so you’ll need a repair”. My husband explained that it had been working before they attended and insisted that they fix it. They were unable to do so but eventually refitted the cover and gave it a bang, and this solved the problem – seemingly through luck rather than judgment. Eventually we signed the sheet confirming the job just to get them to leave. I have no idea if the boiler was serviced correctly, but had no confidence in the operatives due to the above issues. Rightio called me three times within 30 minutes of them leaving to ask for payment, which I gave as I didn't dispute I'd signed the form. I called Rightio to raise my concerns. They asked me to call another number to complain (no idea why they couldn't transfer me). I did this and they said they couldn't deal with complaints over the phone. I emailed and received a response 12 days later. It didn't address the operatives' behaviour, nor the lack of proper advice about how to complain, but did apologise and say that they'd "provide feedback to the relevant department managers". To summarise, the online booking system was very helpful and I was able to make an appointment at relatively short notice at a time I chose. The unprofessional behaviour of the operatives, and lack of any detail or remedy in the complaint response means that I feel I've wasted £90, and from now on will be sticking with British Gas.

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