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Keith's complaint against RIGHTIO

Keith Tomlinson


Rightio....worst company in the world!!!!.....ever!!!!!

Complaint against RIGHTIO

2 WEEKS+ AND SIMPLE BOILER VALVE DIVERTER REPLACEMENT STILL NOT COMPLETED!!!!!!!! This is without doubt the worst company I have had the misfortune to deal with. It all started 2 weeks ago when on the morning of Saturday 19th August my Tennants contacted me to say their Boiler was not working. As my regular and reliable Plumber was on holiday I contacted a number of other Plumbers but being a Saturday they could not look at the problem until the Monday..... but my prayers were answered (so I thought) when I contacted Rightio and they said that they could get a Plumber out within the next 1-2 hours. 3 hours later, no sign of the Plumber, so I rang Rightio only to be informed that they now had nobody to do the work until Monday!!!! Why advertise a service you cannot fulfill e.g. 24/7???? By this stage it was late Saturday afternoon and despite calling another 20 companies I could not get anyone else to attend until the Monday..... so I stuck with letting Rightio look at the issue. On Monday 21st August the Rightio Plumber attended the property and identified that the Boiler needed a new Diverter Valve. I was contacted by their Head Office to say that they could get the part for £164. Having already looked on line I found out the part could be bought for £100 with next day delivery. I have heard of a mark up in prices but 64%!!!!! this is rediculous especially on top of Rightio's sky high charges!!!! I ordered the part on line and arranged with Rightio to return back on the 23rd August which they did. On attending Rightio said that the Plumber could not complete the work as he needed to order a Washer Kit which I agree to and was told by their Central Office that the part and Plumber would be back on Thursday 24th August. By lunchtime on the 24th August there was still no sign of the Plumber so once again I contacted Rightio's Central Office. I was informed that unfortunately the part had not been ordered and that anyway the Plumber was now off until Tuesday the 29th August!!!!! They were unable to send anyone else and as they kept reminding me they did not have the Washer Kit..... which could probably be bought from any decent Plumber Suppliers. Once again, following their promises and the fact it was the Bank Holiday weekend and I could not get another Plumber to do the work any earlier I stayed with Rightio. On Tuesday 29th August the Plumber turned up and damaged a part of the Boiler whilst trying to replace the Diverter Valve..... unbelievable!!!! Even worse the part he broke had to again be ordered.....according to the Plumber. When I contacted the Central Office they said the part would be ordered and the Plumber would return on Thursday 31st August...... now day 12 without any hot water!!!!! By lunchtime on Thursday 31st August there was still no sign of the Plumber so yet another call to the Central Office. I was informed that there was a delay in getting the part due to the Bank Holiday .... really? It was ordered after the Bank Holiday!!!! Once again I was told the part and Plumber would return on Friday 1st September (day 13 without any hot water!). Linchtime on Friday 1st September no sign again of the Plumber and once again zero contact from him or the Rightio Central Office...... so once again I had to make further calls to ascertain what was happening. Guess what......part would not now arrive until Tuesday 5th September and anyway they did not have a Plumber who could do the work until then. Out of curiosity I rang another Plumber who said that there was no issues in getting the part the Rightio Plumber broke within 24 hours......so why the delays with Rightio ordering this in the same time period???? As I write this complaint (Saturday 2nd September...... day 14 without any hot water) I have now had to call out another Plumber who will complete the work on Monday and put right the mess that the Rightio Plumber left. During the last 2 weeks I have contacted the Central Office 17 times and on most occasions had to listen to 'Fly me to the Moon' whilst waiting to be connected or put on hold......the way I am feeling now that's where this company needs to operate!!!! I have fobbed off with lame excuses around delays, i have always had to chase them by phone even when they had promised to call me back within a couple of hours. Most importantly my Tennants being without hot water for over 2 weeks and them taking time off to be available for the Plumber and on 2 days when he never attended!!!!... so in summary ....... Customer Service .......appalling and a disgrace Professionalism..... appalling and a disgrace Charges........exorbitant and over the top Promises ....... never made and carried out Recommendations.....never use Rightio.... I am now looking to deal with this through the Ombudsman and Watchdog as the time and inconvenience has been totally unacceptable!!!!!

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