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Jason's complaint against RIGHTIO

Jason Falconer


Rightio Are Scam Artists

Complaint against RIGHTIO

Short story: RIGHTIO charged me £118.80 to send out a plumber for 10 minutes.... who misdiagnosed my problem. When I contacted them for a refund, everything went quiet. Long story: I identified that the stopcock in my house was leaking so called RIGHTIO plumbing service. I explained that I need someone to fix this minor leak, I was told over the phone that I would need to call the water board to send someone out to identify what exterior stopcock belongs to my property and arranged a plumber to come out to fix the problem. On 03/11/2016 one of RIGHTIO's plumbers came to my house to look at the leak, he advised that he couldn’t simply replace the stopcock as the part is no longer in production so would need to fit a different size and replace a pipe, he couldn’t do the job their and then because he never had a stopcock key to switch of the exterior water supply nor did he have the required materials to do the job so he arranged to come out on 04/11/2016 to complete the job. On 04/11/2016 I got a phone call telling me I’d need to remove a part of the floor to give the plumber access! This wasn’t previously mentioned by anyone. I recently just fitted new flooring in the kitchen costing £870 that wasn’t designed to be lifted so I wasn’t happy to do this unless it was necessary. I called another plumber for a second opinion as I didn’t want to waste money on replacing a section of my floor as lifting it would cause damage to the wood. The other plumber came to my house on 05/11/2016 to take a look at the issue, he quickly identified that the stopcock could be repaired and removed the packing gland, changed it and sealed the thread. This instantly fixed my problem and took only 15 minutes to fix without even switching off the external water supply, removing the floor or fitting a new pipe and stopcock. The other plumber was critical of the suggestion made by your plumber saying ‘’It’s totally unnecessary’’. Further more I saw that replacement 3/4 stopcocks can still be bought online despite what your plumber told me, granted they aren’t as common but I was told these aren’t available. I called RIGHTIO staff on 07/11/2016 and explained that I do not feel it’s fair to charge me £118.80 for 10 minutes of misdiagnosis from one of your plumbers, I had to call the water board, take time off work to meet with a man from the water board who was also critical about your business practice as he said most plumbers are capable of identifying and turning off the external water supply themselves. RIGHTIO ignored any emails of phone calls regarding a refund, they take your payment details before a job is completed. That alone tells you that RIGHTIO cannot be trusted. Regardless, I'm working with my large social media fan-base to make RIGHTIO pay. I'll make sure trading standards and every trade review site knows about this. RIGHTIO should have just given me my £118.80, now it's going to cost them four figures in bad publicity. I'm truly happy with my contribution to RIGHTIO's demise.

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