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George's complaint against RIGHTIO

George Wylie


Rightio rip-off

Complaint against RIGHTIO

I have just been totally ripped off and cannot let it go. My wife phoned up and was quoted £99, no mention of vat or any other extras. She was promised the drain clearers would be there next day (today) between 1 and 5 pm. The woman asked for cheque card details to take the money in advance. My wife declined. She waited until 3.30 pm today and phoned to see what progress. She was promised a return call. Someone rang at 4.07 pm to say they would check progress and get back. They never did. 5pm came and went. Someone phoned at 5.29 pm to say the clearers were lost and they would be at least an hour? Lost? I don't think so. They arrived at 7.26 pm (2 hours later) and finished 8.04 pm, amazingly 8 minutes over the half hour. By the way, when I arrived home at 7.40, they were standing at their van doing nothing. The significance of this is that the £99 quote was for a half hour so the 8 minutes over constituted ANOTHER half hour which triggered another £99 charge. They also then revealed that there was a £35 charge for the equipment used to clear the drain. That too doubled for the few minutes over the half hour. The final kick was the VAT to be added. This brought the expected £99 up to a whopping £321.60! They are obviously expert at fielding complaints. I spoke to their customer services. The guy kept talking over me and was trying to goad me. I got absolutely nowhere!!

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