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Martin's complaint against RIGHTIO

Martin Sweeney


Terrible Service and Communication

Complaint against RIGHTIO

On Tuesday 20th March I arranged for a plumber to attend my flat to investigate leaking/dripping taps and a possible leak under the kitchen sink. This visit was arranged for 5pm on 20th March but the plumber failed to appear. On contacting the company, I was advised that an engineer had turned up at my flat but could not get access. I advised that I had not received any call or notification via the intercom that anyone had attended. Visit was rescheduled for after 5pm on Wednesday 21st March. The plumber arrived at approximately 5pm on 21st March and carried out a "diagnostic" and confirmed that there was no evidence of a leak under the sink but we agreed that a new tap fixture would be needed to fix the drip and leak, which was not an issue. I must add that during this conversation, the plumber advised me that he attended at 2pm approximately on 21st March as he had not been given the information about the specified time, something which he said happens fairly regularly. It was agreed that the plumber would re-attend my property at approximately 5pm on 22nd March to complete the job. He also advised that no money would be taken from my credit card until the work was completed and I was happy with the outcome. Well, the job has not been completed yet they have still taken the diagnostic fee from my card. The plumber failed to attend my flat on Thursday 22nd March and I received no notification as to why. I had been in my property from 4:30pm on 22nd March and had provided my contact details. I phoned the company and was advised that the plumber was "un-contactable" but the On-Call Plumber would attend my flat after 5pm on Friday 23rd March as the requisite parts were in their depot. The plumber then failed to attend my flat on 23rd Friday as agreed but this time I was given a courtesy call to inform me of this. I was initially advised that the plumber didn't have the parts but when I challenged this, the story changed to his van had broken down and was in the garage. I was advised that a plumber could come to my flat on Saturday but at this stage I asked for them to cancel this request and asked for a Customer Service Rep to call me back that evening or on Saturday 24th March. Needless to say, I did not receive a phone call. I contacted the company on Saturday 24th March and was advised that the job would be re-opened and a plumber would attend my property on 27th March between 8am-12pm. As I had a holiday from work, I agreed to this date and time. At approximately 11:35am on 27th March, I contacted the company to confirm that the plumber would be here before 12pm only to be advised that the plumber's van was in the garage. I was advised that the plumber would be able to attend between 12pm & 5pm. I asked for this to be changed to 12pm-3pm due to having visitors attending at 5pm,which was agreed. I also asked for the plumber or the company to phone or text me when their arrival was imminent. At approximately 2:35pm, I contacted the company to confirm the plumber's attendance only to be told that the plumber could not attend until the afternoon of 28th March. At this stage, I advised that this was simply not good enough and asked if another plumber could attend only to be told 'no' because they would not be able to access the parts as they were apparently in the broken down van, which was in the garage. I then asked for the job to be cancelled entirely and any money refunded due to extremely poor service. I also asked to be put through to Customer Service or Complaints as I was speaking with logistics. The call handler allegedly then went and spoke to someone from Customer Service and when he came back on the line said that he could arrange for a Customer Service Rep to phone me back. I asked to be transferred to Customer Service as I was already on the phone but was advised that this was not possible as all the operators were busy. I asked to be transferred to a queue to speak with a Customer Service Agent but advised that this could not be facilitated but not told why. I asked to speak with someone more senior as I wished to have my money refunded but again was told that this was not possible. I was assured that someone would call me back before 6pm on 27th March but again received no call. I was also told by the call handler on more than one occasion that I would "not get a refund". I feel the service I have received since Tuesday 20th March has been nothing short of abysmal. There seems to be a distinct lack of Customer Service skills as well as Communication from the company and I feel like I have been treated more shoddily because I have stood up for my consumer rights and made complaints where I felt necessary.

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