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Maureen's complaint against Hyde Housing

Maureen Bryan


Hyde Housing who manage the property where my father lives have neglected the property and residents

Complaint against Hyde Housing

My 89-year-old Father is a resident at St Mauritius House, a sheltered housing scheme for the elderly in Lewisham, managed by Hyde Housing. St Mauritius caters for elderly residents with a high level of need. Over the last few months I have noticed the distress of my Father and the other 40+ residents due to their current living conditions which has included a mice, rat and cockroach infestation which started in approx. March 2015. However the following issues have been on-going for some time; the leaking roof, blocked gutters, over flowing rubbish bins, lack of adequate lighting inside and outside the building, and poor maintenance of the gardens. There are also issues regarding the laundry room, which has one washing machine, and two dryers, for 40 tenants. The washing machine often breaks down and tenants are left for weeks without any other alternative means of doing laundry. Yet again the washing machine has broken down, this time with my fathers laundry stuck inside. The tenants have raised the repair issues with Hyde over and over again but the response received has been vastly inadequate in most cases. In others, there has been no response at all. I have made a formal complaint to Hyde on behalf of my Father in regards to the infestation within his flat and received no written response. I then contacted Environmental health and the local MP. Both contacted Hyde and again Hyde failed to respond. Environmental Health, having been ignored by Hyde, were unsatisfied by the lack of response and therefore followed up with an enforcement notice which gave Hyde a period in which to adhere and comply. Hyde failed to do so. As a result, I decided to take action and create the short film that documented some of the issues that my father and the other residents have been faced with. The purpose of the short film was to give these elderly residents a voice when Hyde has continually chosen to ignore them. The tenants have been advised that the warden/support worker who provides advise to tenants regarding rent, repairs and any other queries is also due to be terminated in April. However, Hyde has written to residents in the meantime, informing them of the increased annual service charges.

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flora robinson | | VERIFIED

Hi, mym mum who is a greek cypriot used to to attend a day centre at Maritious House two years ago and enjoyed the warm welcome of the Caribean people and the aroma of the lovely food cooked in the communal kitchen. To think it's rat infested fills me with horror. Sadly I heard the same thing about another sheltered home in Peckgam . A Turkish Cypriot lady who lives there has rats roaming the sheltered home. She can barely walk and has copd. These people built the UK after the war. DISGUSTING!
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