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david's complaint against Hyde Housing

david rowe


No heating and hot water

Complaint against Hyde Housing

It is the weekend again and we have no heating & hot water. This is the third weekend with out heating & hot water we have also have been without this service during the weeks as well.

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Richard Shannon | | VERIFIED

HHA are a complete waste of time and effort. They are charging residents for services that they do not and never have provided. The service charge for our estate includes Cleansing, they have never ever even so much as sent a broom to our estate. They say it was for the collection of bulk waste, they have never done this service. Rodent clearence being charged for they have never done that

Richard Shannon | | VERIFIED

Speaking to another resident in the know, I am informed that they have been doing this for years and make excuses that they will resolve the matter in time for next year. They never ever resolve the matter. I have sent several emails only had one replyy with excuses. Taking the matter further now, time for the MP and the government ministers to get their backsides into gear and do something.
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