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Fred's complaint against Silver Saints

Fred Mang


Time wasting to charge you more and poor service

Complaint against Silver Saints

I called Silver Saints to repair my shower which was leaking and had a squeaky noise. I had already called in a different plumber who advised the cartridge needs changing and a company like silver saints should have them so I should get them to do the job. When I called silver saints, a lady advised that the plumber will have the cartridge in his van. On the day of the appointment the plumber arrived on a motor bike. Entered my house without any tool. Came upstairs to the bathroom and had a good chart about the broken shower before going back to his motor bike to collect his tool box (the one and only box on his motor bike) which he could have brought with him in the first place. When I realised his tactics I dismantled all the shower system with my DIY tools in less than 3mins before he arrived with his professional tools. when I saw him measuring the cartridge, he said he was doing so to order a replacement. And will have to come back later. At that point I realised I had to help him cut my bill so I offered him the original invoice with product code to help him place the order. But he continued with his measurements, so I had to leave him behind and go to work. On my return, I realised that the shower controls had been wrongly fixed facing opposite directions, still leaking and the noise had become worse. When I called the company about when they can obtain the cartridge to fixed the shower, I was asked to wait until the plumber returns from holidays. Summary: They gave me a bill of £78 for nothing, telling me my next bill will depend on how long the plumber spends in fixing the tap plus the cost of the cartridge. In the end I had to order the cartridge myself and fix the problem watching You-tube videos. Please don't call this company, they are not worth the hassle.

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