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Lorna's complaint against St Andrews Home Improvements

Lorna Ritchie



Complaint against St Andrews Home Improvements

I got a phone call asking if I would like a quote for windows I said to the lady on the phone it’s not something I was considering for a long time she said that’s ok you can get a quote and keep as long as you like and if in the future you do decide to get windows I could use the company and quote given. That is the only reason I agreed! A young man came on Sunday 17 th June at 6 pm who was very pleasant when he asked when I would be getting windows I said probably years as there’s nothing wrong with my windows at the moment, the young man called his boss to explain this and there’s been a mix up as the quote only lasts 18 months . The abuse I got from the young mans boss on the phone was shocking saying am I going to pay the young mans petrol money for wasting his time. Do I usually get quotes for things and do nothing about them telling me not to get quotes again if I’m not going to use them shouting at me . I have never had abuse from anyone on the phone like I did today it has really upset me. I dread to think what could happen to a vulnerable or elderly person if they were on the receiving end of this type of bullying and abuse. Regards waiting on your reply

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