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James's complaint against St Andrews Home Improvements

James Meehan


St Andrews Home Improvements - French Doors

Complaint against St Andrews Home Improvements

Good morning Agreement no SA35165 - J MEEHAN In April this year I had windows and 2 French Doors purchased from St Andrews Home Improvements with a total cost of £10,910.00. I am very pleased with the quality of the windows but after a couple of months and especially when the weather was warmer over the summer the 2 French doors would not close. I reported the problem immediately to the company who installed them JOB WORTH DOING based outside Glasgow and after waiting about 4 weeks they came out and the engineer did some work on the door frame and left. I cannot remember but about a month later the same thing happened again and the doors would not close so I then made contact with JOB WORTH DOING and they came out again. A different engineer had then said to me that the problem was in the packing and they were not sitting correctly within the door framework so as far as I could see he stripped back the door frames and rehung the doors and tested them to make sure that the 2 French Doors shut and would lock which they did but I also mentioned a piece of the door frame at the top was broken and he said he would order the part as well he noticed a piece broken at the foot of the doorframe and someone would call in on there way home as it would take minutes to replace. To date no one has come out from JOB WORTH DOING to complete the repair work so I phoned JOB WORTH DOING to be informed that their parent or associated company N2 has gone into Receivership and my Guarantee is now not valid but someone would come out to do the repair if I was paying for the parts, call out charge and probably VAT. I am concerned that within a short period of time I have had some trouble with the 2 French Doors and would like the repair carried out as soon as possible without a charge to myself. I also noticed that item 12 of the Terms and Conditions quote that the company's products and installation are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation which was carried out on the 5th of April 2017 and would like to ask if such a repair falls within my guarantee and also I would like confirmation that a guarantee is set in place for the reminder of the qualified period of time. Thank you for your help in advance and I look forward to hearing back from yourselves as soon as possible. Regards James Meehan

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