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Valerie's complaint against St Andrews Home Improvements

Valerie Malcolm


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Complaint against St Andrews Home Improvements

I signed up for front facing windows and door and they were installed and paid for, minor issues with fitting, very slight damage done during original fit, then took about 6mths to complete job due to outsourcing the plastering work. Windows/door themselves are fine, but the after sales constant calling to try to get us to sign up for the additional back facing windows has been a nightmare. We told their sales team repeatedly we were not in a financial position to take this on and they still pressed for a salesman to call and quote them. He came in and the quote was almost double what the front ones were and they were for smaller windows! I told the salesman about the constant sales calls and also that they had deducted an "insurance" payment even though we had definitely put a cross in the box to decline this service. We have asked on numerous occasions to have our number removed from their calling list and I have also threatened legal action for harassment. All to no avail. Avoid them at all costs for your own sanity!

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