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Caroline's complaint against Strata Homes

Caroline knightley


Building of homes in very close vicinity to other Resident homes

Complaint against Strata Homes

I am making my complaint on behalf of myself and my neighbours. So please do not take this as a busy body nothing better to do. Within this past year homes are being built very close to our Homes and non of which we want but have no choice in the matter. We have had nothing but dust muck and mud around our cars, our homes on windows, inside our homes because when summer was here we had to open windows etc . This therefore has caused no end of dust and muck to personal belongings let alone outside our Homes, we have never been offered anything in respect of all this going on. I have complained atleast 3 times and heard nothing and if i do not get a reasonable response i will go to the local MP with petition. It is costing us keeping our cars clean (i am also disabled too) my neighbours are not at their youngest and fittest either and i am the youngest near enough at 47. The best that has been done is a road sweeper/cleaner since i made complaints ?! what is this going to achieve might i ask and not only that winter is now fast approaching which means even more muck and mud. A neighbour of mine also fell on the road opposite whilst walking slipping on her face and has not as yet complained but i will on her behalf. It is unfair. Now also got to go a slightly longer walk round as the short cut has been closed off (my walking is not that good as it is ) My daughter has medals from football on her windowsill which are now pretty ruined from builders muck and why should we 'think' to put away when you build. I have thrown things away as the windowsills get so mucky and the curtains and blinds. Regards Caroline Knightley

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