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Kat's complaint against Renelec

Kat Johnson


Water Tank Valve installed upside down

Complaint against Renelec

I purchased my house through Persimmon Homes who contract their water to Renelec. I have recently had a leak from the water tank situated in the airing cupboard which leaked and caused some flooding of the property. RM Cylinders were cotacted who are the manufacturer of the parts used and they issued in writing that Renelec had installed the vakve upside down causing the issues and flooding. RM Cylinders sent the new part to Renelec and installation of the part after some fighting with them took place. On attending the property the engineer names Tom from Renelec did a pressure test and check on the vessels and tank after fitting the new valve. I have bee in contact with the company asking for someone who is certified to come back to the property to do a service and check all new items were correctly working, as Tom stated he was not certified for that. Today a new engineer from Renelec came to the property 1 month later named Demitre, He tested and informed me that the vessel has now broken? I called the manufacturer once again who explained that this was proberbly still part of the original issue having a knock on effect ad Demitre then speaks to the manufacturer shouting at him on my phone in my home informing him that he (the manufacturer) was wrong! I have been speaking to Michelle who is in the office today after arranging for the new vessel to be sent directly to me and she is confirming that they will be able to replace FOC due to this still being part of the original installation issue. I was told to wait 2 hours and 5.5 hours later I call the office where she then speaks to me like something she just stood on. The manners and cowboy attitudes of the people at this company are something I really think needs to be investigated along with the engineers qualifications! This issue is now outstanding for over 1 month and I am not only out of pocket but tired and drained with this ongoing tennis match.

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