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GILLLIAN's complaint against T Brown Group



I has a flooding and TBrown refusing to put it back the water tank.

Complaint against T Brown Group

On Thursday the 18th of October, I woke up to my house in water i call Lambeth where they call out an emergency. TBrown, which was the out of hours, as it was around 7 in the afternoon, the engineer came but did not do anything but suggested I go to my housing office, where they made appointment with TBrown and the keep putting off the appointment so I had to revoke back to the after hours every day and drying up water day and night i call TBrown to explain what was my situation and still no joy. they told me with that no one could help as the out of hours could not get to the leak as it was leaking from behind the water tank and only TBrown was contracted to disconnect and remove the tank. As they keep putting off the appointment and most time not answering the call or lying saying they have been speaking to my neighborhood office, about booking my appointment and when I connected the office I was told that, they did not contact them by email or phone. Finally I was given an appointment for Friday 27, I thought I could get a full night sleep, well, I was wrong, they did not turn up and they did not call or email to cancel, but the Plummer had turned up, but cannot get access to the flooding without the tank being remove, so they made an appointment for Monday 30th of October but again they did not turn up. Yet still, the water has not stopped. I called and they gave me an appointment for Wednesday 1st of November, I took the day off and I was surprised to see someone turned up. They drained the tank and removed it and went away saying they will be back to replace it. After the plumber had come and the plumbing had finish TBrown was called at around 3 to come back and replace the tank. i was then told by a person working there that TBrown was not booked to return I then call the TBrown office where they told me the only way they will put it back is it Lambeth pay them to put it back, I was very upset as i had no water or heating and the night was getting cold. TBrown then put me through to Lambeth where I explain what happened and I was told by Lambeth that it is showing on the invoice that TBrown was given the contract to put it back in. and that they were sending an email to TBrown to contact me and come and put the tank back I then call TBrown to see if they were on the way but was told that all the technician had gone home and they will contact me in the morning to make an appointment. I then ask for the head office number but was told she does not know it, then I ask for the name of the manager, she gave me his first name when I ask for the surname she replied she does not have to give me, I then ask her for her name and she gave me her first but them refused her surname again saying the same thing . FOR THE NIGHT NO ONE CAME AND WE ARE OUT OF WATER AND HEATING.TB needs to treat people with respect as we are the one that gives them work, I hope they get someone to replace them very soon as we are not receiving the service required. or I think people should start suing them.

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