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Klare's complaint against UK Home Save Ltd

Klare Clark


Buyer beware

Complaint against UK Home Save Ltd

Please be very aware of this company, they prey on the elderly using cold telephone calls and claims by salesmen that are spurious; 35% heating savings for bleeding some radiators and adding heat reflectors with a 5 year support package for £1495 - ridiculously over priced. Cold Call Wednesday AM Salesman “surveyor” visit Wednesday PM Work due to be carried out Thursday Fortunately we spotted this and were able to cancel any work before our parents wasted a lot of money, but not everyone else may be so lucky. So please warn your elderly relatives that this is a legitimate company but they charge the earth. The telephony agent uses phrases such as “Government backed scheme” the salesman alluded to getting their details from Age Concern” and that they also complete work for the local county council all of which instils confidence for the elderly. The 14 day cooling off period was not explained but to be fair to the company has been adhered to. With many thanks to Lincolnshire and Salford Trading Standards as well as Age UK and Lincolnshire Police for helping us resolve this matter

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We absolutely dispute the allegations and implications in this statement. As Ms Clark accepts we are a legitimate company and adhered to the 14 day cooling off period with absolutely no input form either Trading Standards or Lincolnshire Police as implied. The work signed up for actually covers much more than suggested in the post and all products are backed by the Energy Savings Trust
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