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Hazel's complaint against UK Home Save Ltd

Hazel Guttridge


Reflective Strips behind a Clear Infra Red Heater

Complaint against UK Home Save Ltd

At the recommendation of UK Homesave Ltd, I was advised that my infra red heaters , made by Logicor, would be more efficient if I had reflective panels fitted behind them. I agreed to have them fitted, the cost was £695. I have since been in touch with Logicor as the reflective panels have made no difference to improve my heating. I have had an email from Logicor stating that ‘the panels can lead to a heater malfunctioning in an unpredictable way. I was advised to contact the company who fitted them, UK Home Save Ltd, to have them removed until tests have been carried out to ensure they are safe to install behind the heaters’. I have already had someone start to remove the panels as I am concerned they are a hazard. I have also been in touch with Homesave to ask for my £695 back. Some of the heaters still have the reflective panels behind them, so I need to get them removed as well. The adhesive which was used to attach the panels is extremely sticky, and the decoration on the walls will now need re-doing at some point. I am concerned I was advised to buy a product which is unsuitable to be used behind the infra red heaters in my home, and I am going to press for a full refund.

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