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Joseph's complaint against UK Home Save Ltd

Joseph King


Salesman who's not a salesman

Complaint against UK Home Save Ltd

So glad I found this page. I had a salesman from this company visit my home, I asked him on numerous occasions what he was selling, he kept saying he wasn't a salesman but an energy advisor. He proceeded with his pitch showing me some panels for my radiators, some magic solution which would clean my central heating system and prolong the life of my 20 year old boiler by a further 10 years, it was that good. My boiler wasn't compatable with a valve which would help towards ending the worlds water shortage and my reliance on imported gas. This salesman who wasn't a salesman then said due to my age I qualified for a reduction of £200, so the product he wasn't selling would only cost me £715, and he was that confident I didn't have to pay until the job was done, how unique is that. When I declined his kind offer, he rang his manager (that old chestnut) his managers words of wisdom, ask me without taking any beans off my toast, what I could afford to pay, when I said I wasn't interested, the salesman who wasn't a salesman became a bit more salesman and pushy, I didn't budge and would advise anyone who comes across them to do the same.

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