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caroline's complaint against Cotswold Building & Stoves Services

caroline eaton


site left in unsafe state and have over paid

Complaint against Cotswold Building \u0026 Stoves Services

I was given a fixed price quote to build a small extension and renovate my house. Quote was hand written and vague. Was promised my houes and garden woud be staright so that I could get on with my life once builder had left. Builder wanted money up front and has front loaded job. Asked for cash. Have paid £51 000 in cash but he has completed £30 000 worth of work. He has left part of the house in an unstable condition and is now demanding more money and saying quote was for a higher figure. He is refusing to either pay back the money or to complete £21 000 more of work. Has a really bad reputation with builders merchants in the area. Can only buy materials with cash as he has been bankrupt 3 times before. He failed to tell me about this which I understand he has a duty to. He has left my extension with no windows or doors and only a sheet of tapaulin across the opening between old and new. The build should have taken 3 months and it has taken 6 months so far. I have tried the press, trading standards, the person who recommended him, Building control and appealing to his human side - he does not have one. If I take him to court he will go bust as he has done this before. He still has the heatas sign on his van even though he has been de-registered.

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