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Leanne's complaint against Simarc Property Management

Leanne Christine


0 Stars! Extortionate Fees for Nothing!

Complaint against Simarc Property Management

I paid my ground rent and other charges that were added to it (unwillingly but because I did not want to end up with another charge added on top). The total amount for the ground rent was £250 and the total fees and other charges that were added amounted to £132 so I ended up paying £382! I cannot understand how 'other fees' amounted to so much and asked for a breakdown which obviously Simarc never bothered to give me! There is no way that this amount of money is required for any type of 'administrative' or other work. I did send the ground rent payment late but this was because I was initially sent out letters with the wrong amount due TWICE and had to keep calling to try and get this rectified before I would pay as otherwise I would have had no documentation of how much I actually owed. The first 2 letters stated that the total payable was £500, so you can understand why I did not want to pay this. When I phoned up I was told they didn't understand how this had happened and would send out a new letter. The letter arrived a few days later and said £500 again! I called again and was told the system was showing £250 and they couldn't understand why the letter said £500 again. I finally received a letter with the correct amount on and so paid but by that point they had added on the ridiculous £132. I have so far E-mailed twice asking for reasons as to why I have had to pay over £150% of what I originally owed because actually the section stating 'interest on overdue ground rent (if applicable)' said £0 so what exactly are these total fees and other charges??? Absolutely ridiculous and I will be pursuing this through any channel necessary to get answers and my money back!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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Jessica Garty | | VERIFIED

This company is the biggest con around. Please know that they are doing this to so many other people and they will make up issues and excuses so that you are somehow charges random extortionate fees. They can never give a breakdown of costs because they make it up as they go along. They have no morals and I’m sure what they are doing is illegal. They need to be stopped it is unethical.
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