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Alexis's complaint against Simarc Property Management

Alexis Perrotte


2962 GBP to provide me with a useless license for installing an electric car charging point

Complaint against Simarc Property Management

Hello. In January I have asked Simarc for the authorisation to install a charging point for my newly bought electric car. The installation and the charging point itself would be at my costs obviously (roughtly 600 GBP). After many calls and attemps to receive that greenlight from them, I received a letter from their solicitor, asking me for various legal fees, premiums, license fees (useless in this instance.. I only need the greenlight of the freeholder, who they represent), etc.. all amounting to a total of 2962 GBP. They could just give me their greenlight but they chose to rip me off. It seems that's a constant habit from this property management company.

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