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Jessica's complaint against Simarc Property Management

Jessica Garty


Con artists

Complaint against Simarc Property Management

Simarc is the worst company I have ever had to deal with when owning a property. They are con artists who will purposely fabricate things to enforce high charges on you. I had been contacting them since December to find out what I was to pay for a property I had just purchased and they made it extremely difficult refusing to take payment or telling me they didn’t know the property and making up other excuses. After a few months of me chasing them to make a payment I get hold a lady who I am assuming is the manager and she tells me that they had sent me a bill in March for the ground rent that was £135 and then 10 days later had sent a chasing later and she then told me I owed £269 for the late payment. Even with me chasing them months before on several occasions. I also had not received either of these letters she insisted they had sent, I then noticed the address had been written wrong hence why I hadn’t received them but of course they wouldn’t take blame and insisted the letter still would of gotten to me and said I had to pay the full charge. I appealed this with them and sent the money for the ground rent only via cheque and received a letter back telling me they refuse to take the payment for the ground rent which was due January 1st even though the manager had told me via email that they sent their first letter to me in March. They still are insisting I pay the ridiculous late charges. The staff are rude and impossible to deal with and I want to warn other people using them to be aware of their actions and to not pay any extra money that they are trying to con out of you. Absolutely disgusting company with no morals and should be ashamed of themselves.

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