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Lukasz 's complaint against Simarc Property Management

Lukasz LUKI


Ground Rent Extra fees

Complaint against Simarc Property Management

I Bought property, after 8 months of live in my new flat I received first letter with request to tell my solicitor to give them "notice of transfer", if not do this in short time I will be charged extra fees. I contacted withy solicitor, he was with with contact with them but after 2 weeks I received letter with amount to pay £742 but my annual grand rent is £202 for year. Ok they advised, my solicitor doesn't provide after my purchase "notice of transfer' on time. I received every 2 weeks letters about information next extra fees can apply. I will contact with legal ombudsman. I didn't receive any letter in 7 months from moved in, no any date for provide missing " notice of transfer". I was directly charged amazing amount . In my leasehold agreement no any information about extra charge for this. Please avoid this company !!!!!

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