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Leanne's complaint against Simarc Property Management

Leanne Christine


Outrageous Fees for Nothing

Complaint against Simarc Property Management

I recently paid my ground rent and other charges that seem to have been added to it (unwillingly but because I do not want to end up with another charge added on top). The total amount for the ground rent was £250 and the total fees and other charges that were added amounted to £132 so I have ended up paying £382!! I cannot understand how 'other fees' amounted to so much and asked for a breakdown of what these were for as there is no way that this amount of money is required for any type of 'administrative' or other work. I did send the ground rent payment slightly late but this was because Simarc initially sent out letters with the wrong amount due TWICE and I had to keep calling to try and get this rectified before I would pay as otherwise I would have had no documentation of how much I actually owed. The first 2 letters stated that the total payable was £500, so you can understand why I did not want to pay this. When I phoned up I was told they didn't understand how this had happened and would send out a new letter. The letter arrived a few days later and said £500 again. I called again and was told the system was showing £250 and they couldn't understand why the letter said £500 again. I finally received a letter with the correct amount on and so paid. I E-mailed Simarc to ask for the reasons as to why I have had to pay over £150% of what I originally owed because the section stating 'interest on overdue ground rent (if applicable)' actually said £0 so what were these total fees and other charges? Unsurprisingly this joke of a company have not replied to my E-mails so I will be continuing to pursue this via other routes. Many other people where I live have also complained and hopefully will do the same. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

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