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Dianne's complaint against Simarc Property Management

Dianne Wade


Over the top administration charges

Complaint against Simarc Property Management

Purchased a leasehold property in April 2017. The freeholder was a Wallace Estates. Everything great until August 2018 when I received a letter addressed to “the occupier” of the property. The letter was from Simarc, claiming to be the agents for the freeholder and demanding to be notified of who lived at the property. Any previously letters from them had come addressed to the previous resident so had been returned to sender by myself. I emailed them and told them that I had purchased the property back in April 2017 and that my solicitor had notified the freeholder etc at the time of completion. Long story short, my solicitor has now sent a further “notice” to them as they said that weren’t notified previously and Simarc have sent me a ground rent bill for 2 years x £15 plus 2 years x £78 administrations costs for late payment! So they want £186 for £30 ground rent due. It does not say everywhere in my lease that any additional fees etc are payable and am I not correct in thinking that I can’t pay ground rent until I receive a demand to do so? How can I be charged for late payment on something I didnt know how to pay to? After complaining to them they reduce the administration charge down to £78 but I still don’t see why I have to pay this? They never sent me a correctly addressed demand and the amount is unreasonable. They have told me to seek indepdant legal advice and they won’t budge on the amount to be paid.

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I have the same, I will make complaint to legal ombudsman.
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