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Trudie's complaint against Steve Brooks Kitchens

Trudie Hanson


Hoodwinked! Avoid!

Complaint against Steve Brooks Kitchens

Have also been conned by Steve Brooks who's 10 year guarantee is worthless after winding up his company this year. (He uses the same mobile phone number for his "new" company, Steve Brooks Design incidentally - how can this be ethical or even possible?) The replacement of our ensuite has left us out of pocket and with all the stress and inconvenience grossly poor workmanship causes. He broke numerous appointments when we requested/ demanded that he came in person to see the problems his tradesmen had caused and having spoken to him only this year he yet again made verbal promises that he failed to meet. 2 years on we are ripping out the " new" ensuite and starting again. Best of a bad job! How this charletan can sleep at night astounds me!

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Jill Thompson | | VERIFIED

I know how you feel ours go back to September 2016 I did everything to get justice even went on Good morning Britain with Martin Lewis Terrible time of our lives

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

We were promised our bathroom would take 12 days to complete. 6 months on it still isn`t. We were 10 weeks without a shower and part of that time devoid of plumbed in sink or toilet. Most work had to be re done and was still of a poor standard. Items were broken by fitters but we were grumbled at as our bathroom was costing THEM money. Still waiting for refund for items we haven`t had. Shocking!

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

Fitter broke the new, unused shower tray twice then told us he wouldn`t replace it as he had no money. Instead, told us he`d get a repair company in to fix it. The quote was more than the replacement but while waiting it gave him 10 days or more grace not to turn up. All the while we had no shower during the height of summer.

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

While issues were arising on our bathroom, he refused to visit until it was complete, though job should have been project managed by him. Eventually came with promises and lies last Oct but not seen him since.Not answering our calls so we don`t hold much hope of things being resolved . Whole project a waste of money and caused no end of needless anguish. Couldn`t recommend based on our dealings.

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

After realising a repair was more than a new shower tray, the fitter replaced it _more delays though as a strop ensued.As unused broken tray was taken out it revealed the wooden frame they`d built underneath wasn`t adequate enough for purpose and had to be rectified. A wheelchair accessible floor tray is still in situ underneath which we`d paid them to remove!

Georgia Williams | | VERIFIED

Total nightmare. Wrong parts arriving, a small en-suite took over a week to complete, certain parts arriving, not sticking to the original design, replying with snotty emails, complete con man. Barely communicated with the fitter so the wrong thing were installed however the fitter did do a good job and was very honest and kind. As for Steve horrible con man who needs shutting down!

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

Oh my days, sounds like you`ve had similar issues to the rest of us. Our 12 day job took approx three months and in all of that time we were without a shower. A Burton on here has posted e mail address for everyone`s use

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

Well, I say approx three months, that was for general amenities such as basin, sink and toilet to be working .It still needs finishing. Shocking work, some had to be re done.
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