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Jean's complaint against Steve Brooks Kitchens

Jean Pritchard



Complaint against Steve Brooks Kitchens

Agreed contract and signed on 23/07/17 for fitted kitchen £3970 up front started work 07/08/17. Still not finished, shoddy workmanship had to chase contracters myself, no show of Steve Brooks to check anything, after asking several times to come and see the mess I was in, just left me to it and still has. All electrics condemned, worktops not matching, wires everywhere, no skirting no window sill, cupboard light not working, told me to get a bulb, the supposed surveyor got it completely wrong. Nothing was as I had signed for, so the contract was broken, I want a complete refund as I was completely mis led and ripped off

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Emma Butterworth | | VERIFIED

Appalling. This man should not be able to continue in business. I had a kitchen and bathroom remodel, signed for quote and design. At every step of the way, there was a problem. I have ended up 6 MONTHS LATER with unfinished bathroom and kitchen that looks nothing like promised design. Electrics are illegal. No building reg cert. No gas safe cert. I haven't lived in my house for 5 months.

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

Hi I have used Steve brooks I was left with same as you, the kitchen is still not finished, it’s a year now, faulty electrics, awful workmanship, he has never signed the job off till present day, I want to take it further but hit brick walls all the time, I want to meet him face to face, he made me I’ll.

deborah garner | | VERIFIED

He is on bark as Steve Brooks Design ltd formed 1n 1999 but the company number is one of his other business formed in 2017. The address changes at company house show same person even though changed address. I was threatened with court action if i wrote a bad review hope you all get your money back took me weeks to get just a deposit back.

A Burton | | VERIFIED

Same as about for our job too we are going to go through the legal process as he has no regard for who he rips off even some of the people that contract for him he’s only a salesman nothing else and he’s taking everyone who falls for his crap for any Money he can see trading standards folks report him

deborah garner | | VERIFIED

Please all go on bark and post a review as well he has sold 84 jobs in weeks to those people by only submitting great reviews are them poor people in for a shock! Steve brooks will remove a negative review but email bark to put the truth back, stop others falling foul of this man.

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

I still haven’t got over what he has done, total rip off, my electrics are still condemned, will have to pay more out to fix the problem. I went through all the routes to try and sue him, citizens advice, trading standards, no help, other than paying a solicitor which I can’t afford, I even went throjudge Rinder, even they couldn’t get him to attend. So let’s get together and get him to court.

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

The company which recommended him on their website was called Quotatis, They obviously didn’t check him out.

lyn farrell | | VERIFIED

I contacted Quotatis and they are helping me with court case. Am sure they will help you too. They told me they had no other complaints against him. Please see my other comments on other posts regarding what we can do as a group/individually. Steve Brooks is on Twitter - complain there as it's public.

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

Thanks for your info, hope you get compensation thro the courts, if u do finally get him to court please let me know and I will be there to back u up .

Jordan Connor | | VERIFIED

Please see this link:

lyn farrell | | VERIFIED

Jordon, I'm also connected to Kirsty. Email her for my address (don't want to post on here) and I'll certainly connect. He has to be stopped, it's appalling. I'll join the FB page - and I've also reported to Action Fraud and Trading Standards, via Citizens Advice.

lyn farrell | | VERIFIED

Jean, did you get anything back?

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

No, went to all the citizens advice offices in two areas, looked on line, but to be honest I gave up, my daughter said just forget it and class it as a bad experience,but i can’t, I’d love to kickstart it back up again, so if you need any help I’m here.

lyn farrell | | VERIFIED

How did you connect with him - through a 'trusted trader' type website? I think we need to explore how they're not finding huge complaints against him. Will be in touch re this. You have so many years before you can no longer pursue him for the money back, so it's worth starting again. I was so ill with stress at the time, I couldn't think about what to do. But once I recovered I was strong enough

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

I got him thro a company called Quotatis which had him as a trusted trader, I complained to them and they wanted me to send texts and pictures of what he had done, to get a folder on him but that was all, I even tried judge Rinder but they couldn’t force him to attend.

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

Did you ever get sorted with a refund or other? Trading Standards have been made aware of this man and company.

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

No nothing got sorted, even applied to judge Rinder, who was going to take him on, and he would not attend, and on a tv court they couldn’t make him.

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

We couldn`t get him to come and look at the mess we were in either. Poor work, unqualified people, full of excuses, lies, strops, not turning up when promised. Wouldn`t recommend to anyone. Still waiting for refund for item we never had . Work still outstanding. Been horrific

Jean Pritchard | | VERIFIED

Well I think I will have to write it off now, can’t get nowhere with him and that’s how he gets away with it.
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