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Margaret's complaint against Steve Brooks Kitchens

Margaret Daly


Nightmare experience SteveBrookskitchens

Complaint against Steve Brooks Kitchens

Entered into contract with this man feb 20th 17. New kitchen and bathroom. Not completed to date. Has all money now upfront. Also work already done now damaged poor workmanship. Left with dangerous exposed wires and leaking water onto electrics. Refuses to complete work without demanding more money.

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Emma Butterworth | | VERIFIED

He is an absolute cowboy. I'm taking him to court for his lying, cheating, dangerous workmanship. Illegal electrics. No gas safe cert. No building regs app. He doesn't even care. He cannot be shamed. He has brass balls.

A Burton | | VERIFIED

Same for our job this year took no responsibility for our job blamed the other workman he had recommended and signed to our job along with providing no certs for electrics or gas as not his job lol he even bragged about what car and property he’s buying abroad whilstvdekaying our job further no cooking facilities for 8 wks no rush even went on holiday whilst we were left waiting in for workmen

A Burton | | VERIFIED

All of you need to take this person to court he is taking your hard earned cash without any cars for the quality of work or kitchens

lyn farrell | | VERIFIED

Please everyone - report to Action Fraud and Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline. The consumer helpline will report on to Trading Standards. Action Fraud are the police side of the investigation. I have reported him - the more evidence there is, and the more complaints received by trading standards/action fraud, the more they will notice what this con man is doing. PLEASE report.

lyn farrell | | VERIFIED

We should also ask the complaints company to put us in touch with each other - and contact Watchdog, Action Fraud etc as a group. More evidence that way. Steve Brooks is on Twitter - complain there as it's public.

Jill Thompson | | VERIFIED

I feel for you all I too had a nightmare kitchen in fact two years last September I can not believe he is still carry on today So sad for you all On reading on his current web site he has five star reviews I was part of a group of 16 back in 2016 that was having problems was even on Good morning Britain

Jill Thompson | | VERIFIED

Carole Ruth | | VERIFIED

I got him again, when I moved in my bungalow, previously used him for my last property, work started in October, and now March and still waiting for it finishing, getting told they are coming then not, I'm sick and tired of the bullshit, he dosent care, I'm involving a solicitor

Tameth Reid | | VERIFIED

Yvonne Duke | | VERIFIED

Promised us several times he`d refund for things we didn`t have. Still waiting. I`d no longer believe anything he told me, though as he won`t answer our calls I`m doubtful I`ll get any more promises either. Awaiting some ,remedial work to be done. Full of excuses. Poor work, always busy elsewhere and cheeky enough to ask for more money. Regret using this company.

Jill Thompson | | VERIFIED
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