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Kerry's complaint against JJ Mullane Ltd

Kerry Alan


In my 70s and £7000 down

Complaint against JJ Mullane Ltd

I am writing about a company who promised me a conservatory and decking, the cost was 13.000 and I paid £7000 up front. The work did not start and when I kept ringing eventually I was answered my James Mullane, this is the owner and he did the initial pricing if this job I needed doing. The company is J J Mullane Ltd - Canterbury - Joiners and Carpenters. So I enquired about this conservatory in March 17 and he said that decking would be a nice touch so I also went with that too. He then asked for a deposit and monies towards materials, he wanted 10/000 but I said that I could not get that much to hand straight away but I could get around 7000. he than said ok that's fine for now. He was due to start the work Monday 27th March but when that day came there was nothing so on the Tuesday I rang and he then told me that it was meant to be the following Monday, so I put it down to me and waited for Monday to come. Well Monday came and nothing again so I rang on the Tuesday.....no answer, Wednesday all day again....no answer. Eventually on the Friday the phone was answered and it was this crooked James Mullane and he proceeded to talk to me like he had no idea who I was. He said that he had no idea who I was, what I was talking about and that if I didn't stop with the accusations he would call the police. Well at that I knew straight away that I had been conned out of £7000. I don't want he police around me and this James knows where I live obviously, he was threatening on the phone too, very loud. This is not about the money as such, its about having this made aware, that there is a company in Canterbury...James Mullane if that is his real name that are ripping vulnerable people off. Well James, im not scared anymore and im going to the police myself. My question to Spokesman said is can I make more people aware of this crook? Kind regards An elderly vulnerable woman

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