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Louise's complaint against Optima Legal

Louise Hsrraway


Incompetence of Optima Legal

Complaint against Optima Legal

After being with Lloyds bank for over 50 years our mortgage was due to finish in 2018 April, we had an endowment mortgage that would not pay off the mortgage at the end of 25 years. We were advised to cash in the endowment and pay off any debts that we had on the mortgage which we did. Optima Legal are the Solicitors that work with Lloyds. My husband wanted to remortgage the house taking another one out for 7 years for £39.000 which was approved by Lloyds. I wanted my name off the mortgage as we had gone out seperate ways but are still on friendly basis. We had sorted everything out money wise etc and my settlement that I was owed. This was in April 2017 we are still being messed about by Optima And Lloyds. They say I now need a solicitor to have my name taken off the mortgage? Why do I. Nobody ever rings you back or emails you back. My husband has been left with no mortgage at the moment as on there advice cashed in the endowment. Every time Optima have been in touch we must have dealt with 11 different people who don't read any notes or letters that we have sent in. This is now nearly 7 months, I have put a complaint in against Optima and Lloyds and have gone to the Ombudsmsn as I cannot believe the incompetence of two major companies. All I want is my name taking off the joint mortgage.

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