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Hilary's complaint against Property Centre

Hilary Grainger


Withholding deposit unfairly

Complaint against Property Centre

The Property Centre Gloucester are withholding my daughter's rental deposit unfairly. She lived in damp unhealthy conditions for months on end, was left with no electricity in the kitchen for days on end when the electricity wiring failed and was declared hazardous,. Also she provided her own fridge and freezer when a fridge and freezer were included in the rental package. Several items of furniture bedding and equipment were ruined because of the damp and mildew growing on the internal walls. We complained throughout her tenancy, decorated ever year...sometimes twice a year to try and combat the damp, had the carpets cleaned regularly even though they were old and threadbare and looked after the garden. BUT the Prop Centre are stating that they had to repair the carpets, clean and paint because of the damp, so are retaining her please.

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