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Matthew's complaint against Able Group

Matthew Lucas


Avoid Able Group

Complaint against Able Group

Avoid contact with Able Group!!!! Our lights stopped working apart from the kitchen in between Christmas and the New Year and due to having a pregnant wife I thought it best to bite the bullet for safety reasons and pay the expensive 1/2 hourly rate (£109.20) to get the lights working. The electrician initially turned up late having missed his allocated time slot (I stayed in from work that day), then walked muddy shoes around the house and took 90 minutes to diagnose a fault. At this point I had no confidence in the diagnosis so I certainly wasn't going to pay £109.20 for every half hour for him to try and repair the lights with it taking so long to diagnose the fault. I was charged the full amount £327.60 and made a complaint because after they left I naturally needed to get another electrician round to fix the fault. It took them less than one third of the time to diagnose the fault, confirming the process followed by Able Group was slow and resulted in them charging a far higher amount. The companies response to the complaint was “you signed the invoice so the amount is due” however if I was a qualified electrician I wouldn’t have called them out. Obviously I am not a qualified electrician so why would I question a so called professional, it was not until after I called out a second electrician whom was honest and fair that I realised I had been charged extortionately. I requested a full report for the work carried out which was a battle and took weeks to get , the customer service has been poor and they believe the engineer carried out the work correctly. Even a partial refund would have been a gesture of goodwill however their complaints team simply advised their electricians are qualified to carry out the work and obviously they are happy with this at it makes them more money. I personally will not be using a company again that takes the long route to diagnose a problem when charging a half hourly fee. £327.60 for 90 minutes work to be told what the fault is, when another company can do the same in less than 30 minutes is unfair and unprofessional in my opinion. I am sure Able Group will respond to this review stating that I signed the invoice and it is legally binding but I knew no different as I put my trust in them to diagnose and rectify the fault in the most time efficient manner. I am not that person that leaves reviews however out of principle I felt I should share my story so others don’t make the same mistake as I did. Avoid. There is a reason that 16% of their customers rate them as “Bad”.

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