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Amy's complaint against Countrywide

Amy Stevens



Complaint against Countrywide

Countrywide, Please be aware that I have never been so appalled and disgusted by the inhumane treatment me and my partner have received and the conditions we were made to live in and has forced us out of our rental home. If after this email, I do not believe you have dealt with this complaint seriously I will contact an ombudsmen or solicitor if required. Please do not think I am not a fair and reasonable person as I am and I respect it is the Christmas break but I have been pushed into circumstances that are not hygienic or in any way safe and I have gone to Countrywide for assistance. I am now leaving my home that I pay every month due to your teams and after hours team lack of follow up and compassion. I currently live in a building in Palmers Green and the building has a blocked or possibly damaged manhole. Now we are the only flat that seems to be affected as the pipes from other flats in the building pass through the same as ours until passing through to the manhole, so where does the waste now come out if the manhole is blocked? That would be our bathroom. Now I had a plumber look at our bathroom before Christmas and he advise us of the blockage coming from the manhole. This was on the 23rd of December. As we were still able to flush the toilet every other time and we were away for 2 nights over Christmas we did not follow up with Countrywide, nor did I know you were existed and you dealt with such things until we spoke to our Landlord on the Monday 28th and reported the incident on the 29th to Countrywide. I was advised by Country wide someone would call me within a few hours to come and unblock the manhole or possibly first thing in the morning. No one contacted me until I chased up Midday next day 30th. The plumber came out and after a few hours of going above and beyond he was unable to find the problem but believed it was an issue with the pipes underground. Without a camera, he couldn’t do anything further. But contact Countrywide which he was due to too on the 31st in the morning. By the time the plumber left we were no longer able to keep the water on in our flat as we had to keep scooping water and waste out of the toilet so it didn’t over flow. We survived until the next day until my partner advised all waste from neighbour flats was coming through and the toilet was overflowing… which he cleaned. Please be aware at this stage we hadn’t used the toilet for 2 days. As it wasn’t something we could fix or my landlord, whom did everything he could we contacted Countrywide, well tried to. The office was due to shut on the 31st at 1pm- I couldn’t get through and it was 12:50pm. So I tried the after hour’s number and after being placed on hold and waiting for some kind of help- your afterhours team advised they couldn’t help us as Countrywide couldn’t authorise it. We spoke to our Landlord and he advised he pays insurance for these type of things. So here we are New Year’s Eve, cannot leave our home for fear of our belongings being damaged and can’t live in our flat as the certain luxuries we spend a huge portion of salary on have been taken away but my neighbours waste? So explain to me what is the purpose of an afterhours service and why was this ever allowed to happen? I am now on my way to stay with my In laws home and I do not know when I will be back in my home or the next time I come home what mess I’m walking into? So I strongly suggest I get a response soon- as the inconvenience this has caused me and my partner and the fact we are now homeless is disgusting and there is laws to protect tenants from such situations so I strongly suggest you fix this immediately and consider ways to reimburse us for the inconvenience on our holiday break. Thank You, Amy

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